Top 8 Things to Bring to Your Bridal Appointment

Top 8 Things to Bring to Your Bridal Appointment

Author: #LadyofLace Sondra
We’ve all seen the shows on tv, and celebrated their “Yes” moments through the screen. But what do you truly need with you to have your own “I said Yes” moment? Listed below are the top 8 things we recommend having with you for success in saying “Yes”!


1. Inspiration Photos

We all know and love Pinterest, and it’s definitely a super handy tool when shopping for your dress. Prior to your appointment, make a Pinterest board of the style of gowns you would love to wear on your big day. This will help your bridal stylist get a clear idea of your vision and help you both get on the same wavelength.


2. Budget

Prior to shopping for gowns, your stylist will ask you about your budget. We totally understand this can be a stressful topic, but coming in with a price point in mind can make all the difference. Your bridal stylist will work with you while shopping for dresses to make sure we stay within your pre decided budget.


3. An Open Mind

When shopping for the perfect dress, it’s super important to have an open mind. Gowns look very different on the hanger vs on your body. Your stylist will often make gown recommendations based on your inspiration, it’s worth at least trying them on. Your stylist works with these dresses everyday, so they have a very good idea of how the dresses will fit into your overall vision.

4. Undergarments

I know it may sound silly to say, but when you’re coming in shopping for your dress we ask that you at least wear underwear to try them on. We don’t require any sort of special bra or spanx, just underwear. Some people will find it more comfortable to try on dresses with spanx, and we say go for it if you’d like! All of our gowns have a bra already built in, so no need to drop unnecessary dollars on the trendy backless and strapless bras you see in Instagram ads.


5. Heirlooms/Accessories you want to wear

If you know there is a special piece you want to incorporate into your bridal look, definitely bring it with you while you’re shopping for your dress. We love working with brides to tie in heirloom pieces like mom’s veil or grandma’s pearls or that funky new pair of boots into their bridal look.

6. 3-4 of your “hype” people

We know it can be super tempting to bring a big group with you to find the perfect dress, but we actually recommend only bringing 3-4 of your best “hype” people with you. More opinions isn’t always better. It’s good to remember that you need to choose a dress that you love, no matter what anyone else thinks. Bring just a few people with you who will hype you up and support you and your style choices.

7. Hair tie/clip

For your bridal appointment, it’s always a good idea to have some sort of hair tie or hair clip with you. This way you can put your hair up if you get too hot getting in and out of dresses. You can also use it to help envision if you’d like to wear your hair up or down with your gown.


8. Phone/camera

It’s always a good idea to have a phone or camera handy to be able to take pictures while you’re in each dress. Towards the end of your appointment while you are
narrowing things down, photos can help you in your decision making process. Having your phone with you is also a handy way to include family or friends who you wanted there but could not attend. FaceTime is a very handy tool to keep Grandma there with you even though she may be far away.